Active pover filters and harmonics compensation systems.

Modern power supply networks standards require lower harmonics level but the loads like power capacitors, frequency drives, UPS, DC supplies for LED lighting, personal computers became to generate bigger harmonics levels. Those electric harmonics may affect other equipment and cause it to overheat, malfunction or even break.

Customers have to look for solutions reducing the level of high harmonics in their power networks. Usually such a solution requires some electrical filters that may suppress harmonics and reduce their level. For some cases, it will be enough to install traditional LC filters close to the source of those harmonics. However, this requires extended level of harmonics measurement and model analysis before designing of the LC filters system.

Some manufacturers start to offer active filters that can reduce harmonics by injecting countercurrent power grid. Those active filters can only reduce harmonics level and additionally can improve power factor for the overall load.

Active power filters are compact and modular equipment with correcting current from 100 A till 2400 A. It is also possible to use interface transformer and design medium voltage active power filters 6 ~ 36 kV with power range from 3 to 6 MVA.

Active power filter with 100 A capacity.

Engineering Center ART offers complete solutions for harmonics suppression systems including both passive LC filters and active filters produced by Comsys AB and MSc Electronics Oy. Our Engineers can provide measurements of power quality and higher harmonics levels with precise meters and can make detailed analysis and suggest to the customer optimal solution for their needs.

Example of Active 600 kVA power filter installed in Oil pump station

Voltage and current before applying active filters.

Voltage and current after applying active filters.