Diagnostic, repair, defining and finding solutions for unexpected issues with power conversion equipment and automation systems.

Modern automation control system usually consists of many different devices produced by different brands. This makes it rather difficult to provide service for the equipment by the factory employee. Engineering Center ART can provide service and repair for variable frequency drives produced by different manufacturers: Danfoss, Hyundai, Vacon, Vesper and other brands.

Our Customer may save a lot of time and cost because we offer complete service&repair and after sales services for whole range of equipment in automation control systems. Among them special type converters produced by MSc, active harmonics filters produced by Mcs and COMSYS, power transformers, marine propulsion drives systems, cranes, testing equipment and others. Our partners are We Tech, VEO, TDR, Trafeco, Metso, Roskar, Vartsila.

During the service, we exchange the used components and enable longer lifetime of the equipment.

DC link capacitors exchange in 630 kW frequency drive.

We suggest service and repair work for frequency drives:

  • low and medium voltage;
  • small and big capacity;
  • forced air cooled and liquid cooled;
  • standard and special application.

The diagnostic of medium voltage drive power cell.

The service for liquid cooled frequency converter.

The service works can be done in our company service center located in Saint Petersburg or at the customer site.

We provide recommended regular service, warranty service, repair and renovation of the equipment.

The equipment manufacturers have certified our services and competences.

Our company can also provide special trainings for the Customer employees at the site, in the university classes or online. Then the customer employees will be able to diagnose, repair and set up the equipment by themselves. In this case, Engineering Center ART will just provide the spare parts for the equipment.

Our engineers may diagnose the problem, define needed spare parts, repair frequency drive and set up needed parameters.

For complex systems, we may suggest the right technology and consequences for several pumps working for one water distribution net or blowing and exhausted fans parameters.

Since 1999, we have provided our services to the customers all over Russian Federation from Kaliningrad to Uzhny Sakhalinsk. Most of our customers are located in North-West region in Saint Petersburg, Arkhangelsk, Severodvinsk, Petrozavodsk, Pskov, Vologda, Cherepovets, and Murmansk.

Our advantages are 15 years' experience in frequency drives applications; qualified employees; long time partnership with leading frequency drives manufactures.

We are constantly expanding our operations is repair and service. In July 2015, we signed the Agreement for service and repair works of Nokia cellular base stations. For such works, we have established a subsidiary joint venture company TDR Russia.